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Перевод слова

Перевод: disease speek disease

болезнь ; заболевание; недуг


  1. Scurvy, the old sailor's disease, is caused by a lack of vitamin C. Tobacco, generous amounts of alcohol and aspirin interfere with vitamin C absorption; the Americans recommend a 60mg daily supplement for smokers or drinkers and this may be a reasonable amount to try.
  2. FOR ANY-ONE with an interest in coronary heart disease (CHD), the early 1980s is an exciting time.
  3. To introduce the postoperative medical and nursing care of patients with peripheral vascular disease.
  4. The incidence rate is necessary for studying the causal factors associated with illness, but the prevalence rate is better at reflecting the cost of disease to a community.
  5. The evidence for this is derived from reported clinical and autopsy data in which macrovascular disease accounts for about 75 per cent of all deaths in diabetics, compared to approximately 50 per cent in the non-diabetic population (Ganda, 1980).
  6. However, serum triglyceride levels did not prove to be a significant factor for coronary heart disease in this multivariate analysis and this is probably because of the correction made for the inverse relationship between triglycerides and HDL.
  7. Within each realm there is a hierarchy, so in very general terms in the physical sphere a skin rash or a cold is of minor significance whereas a heart, lung or brain disease is much more serious.
  8. The effects of diarrhoeal disease can be conquered with one of the simplest and cheapest natural remedies known to science.
  9. Illegitimacy also is illegal, for which both parties may be imprisoned thus, a fundamental change in the social system, an effective system of mass public education, and a thorough disease control programme worked wonders in eliminating VD.
  10. And while a little plumpness may not do much harm, being very fat is a definite health hazard, increasing the risk of heart disease, gall bladder disease, some cancers and arthritis.
  11. But most importantly, no information was given on the location of recurrence of the disease which may have been of prognostic importance.
  12. In the UK, there is no vaccine licensed for use in its prevention, but a vaccine is used, I believe, in New Zealand and some other countries where it is still a relatively common disease.
  13. We have information about methods of curing disease, for example, and apply them.

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