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Перевод слова

Перевод: disqualify speek disqualify

лишать права; дисквалифицировать; делать непригодным; признавать негодным; признавать неспособным


  1. To insist on an overtly Polish identity was to exclude oneself from polite and educated Danzig society and to disqualify oneself from any job that promised social and economic advancement.
  2. The Concorde post, which observers have unkindly suggested should disqualify the incumbent from any positions of responsibility in the future, was held between 1966 and 1970 by Sir James Hamilton, who holds down today a key position within the bureaucracy of the Department of Education and science.
  3. Two notable and deserving successes cited by her in no way disqualify the principle of special needs.
  4. Just as in reverse discourse the categories of subordination are turned back upon the regimes of truth which disqualify, so this "other" sensibility is in part affirmed as an inversion and absence of sensibility's traditional criteria.
  5. They should warn offenders guilty of so-called "dirty-tricks" by loud hailer, and equally disqualify passive participants who hover outside the battle zone.
  6. On the contrary, there is no point in having authorities unless their determinations are binding even if mistaken (though some mistakes may disqualify them).
  7. This account of knowledge seems to disqualify much that we might ordinarily count as such.
  8. "Well, in fact, they always disqualify themselves by dying."
  9. If this were true of him, and if the animal stamina demanded of a Secretary of State were so great, didn't that disqualify good men who lacked only that stamina?
  10. Judges are allowed to disqualify any competitor not considered to be "walking", but some walk so quickly that high-speed cameras are needed to make sure the walker is not in fact running.
  11. Completeness in this context means having most of both proximal and distal ends together with the shaft; breakage at the epiphyses is not counted, and damage to the greater trochanter of the femur or to part of the distal articulation of the humerus does not disqualify bones from being classified as complete.
  12. He also increased, from 8,000 to 16,000, the amount of savings which disqualify a person from claiming housing benefit and poll-tax benefits.
  13. The pop entryists - whose creed is that anyone with attitude, a masterplan, a nice line in self-salesmanship, can break on through - disqualify themselves From becoming objects of worship.

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