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Перевод слова

Перевод: docile speek docile

послушный; покорный; понятливый


  1. On the other hand there was the demand, often locally generated, usually far more enthusiastically supported by parents and teachers, for an education which would produce a competent and reasonably docile junior civil servant, a clerk, storekeeper, interpreter or later an assistant this or junior that to work under a white colonial officer.
  2. The "docile", easily exploited workforce is gradually becoming more defiant and angry.
  3. They will become generally more docile and less demanding.
  4. "A Docile Rage: Christabel LaMotte's Ambivalent Domesticity."
  5. Excellent forager and suckler; economic producer; docile, easy to manage, early maturing, reliable, consistent, highly adaptable; particularly good for fattening on grassland or range.
  6. One might expect a docile or sensible horse, or even a friendly one, to be willing.
  7. After a time I found myself frequently addressing him as "Father", so naturally did he touch the gentle docile side of me.
  8. Many of these colts are castrated, and as geldings they become more docile and respectful.
  9. He argued in his essay On Liberty that State schools, with a State control over the curriculum, would be simply a means of producing a docile and bien pensant population, moulded in accordance with the wishes of the government of the day.
  10. The government found itself having to make concessions to normally docile bodies like the House of Lords and the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals, over such matters as security of tenure for academics and the universities' powers to raise their own finance.
  11. This demonstration is intended to counteract the tendency for pilots trained on very docile gliders to remember the full opposite rudder but to forget the stick movement.
  12. Quilp is addicted to fiendish practical jokes, the chief victims of which are his servile legal adviser, Sampson Brass, his mother-in-law, Mrs Jiniwin, and his docile, pretty wife, Betsy , who is totally fascinated by him and under his power.
  13. Even though the other girl was a head taller than she was, she was far too docile and forgiving to be much fun bullying.

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