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Перевод слова

Перевод: dope speek dope

паста ; густая смазка; густое смазывающее вещество; лак ; аэролак ; допинг ; наркотик ; дурман ; секретная информация о шансах на выигрыш той или иной лошади; информация, используемая журналистами; болван ; дурак ; остолоп ; поглотитель ;
наносить пасту или лак; лакировать; покрывать аэролаком; разбавлять; давать допинг; давать наркотики; одурманивать; убаюкивать; получать секретную информацию; предсказывать на основании тайной информации; заливать горючее; добавлять присадки


  1. If he knows someone smokes dope, he will go off them.
  2. "I started drinking very heavily, using aerosols, dope, pills.
  3. There is a saying, although it is accepted by smokers as being mildly humorous, "Dope will get you through times of no money, but money won't get you through times of no dope."
  4. The government had plenty of dope on Mr Dixon, who drew attention to himself with his lavish style of life, including a fleet of fancy jets and fast cars, and a two-week tour of fine French restaurants.
  5. "Yo, yo, yo, I'm the centre of the show, I like your crib, this place is dope," splutters the visitor.
  6. Spurred only by that insidious dope
  7. "Junkies would travel from their own neighbourhood to the Lower East Side or Harlem to cop, because the dope was cheaper and better quality there.
  8. I get the dope on each High Hope,
  9. And what kind of dope produced that kind of idiotic but vivid hallucination?
  10. The club itself was mainly hippies - art students and hippies - there were a lot of drugs around and the Three Tuns used to stink of dope every week.
  11. Murderers, bank robbers, gangsters, swindlers, dope pedlars, arms traffickers, terrorists, kidnappers; "bent" bankers, accountants, lawyers, politicians and policemen; dead, alive, in gaol or simply missing - if they had appeared in print, and often if they had not, he had them filed.
  12. She is so slowed down by the dope slamming fifty visions of hell at her a second that she finds it hard to fight, hard to believe in her own anger, hard to believe in what she's doing.
  13. She did dope all afternoon, spaced out to Nina Simone and Marvin Gaye - why was there no one better to wank to than Marvin Gaye? - and decided: OK, LADY, IF WE'RE WORKING, LET'S WORK!

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