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Перевод слова

Перевод: downtown speek downtown

расположенный в деловой части города;
в деловой части города; в деловом центре;
деловая часть города


  1. Back Downtown, to Canal Street, where I found Chinatown, with the second largest Chinese community in the West, 30,000.
  2. The Chandleresque tones on the promotional tape take up the tale: " downtown Cheltenham, gee, what a place."
  3. Karina and Anne, now two months pregnant, had left for downtown New York.
  4. "And all stations west of downtown Detroit," whispered Don Peters under his breath.
  5. All he wanted to do was bomb "downtown Baghdad".
  6. In the spring of 1940 John Avison and I rounded up a group of like-minded radio people with the object of renting a large house as far away as possible from downtown Vancouver.
  7. They were on a raised section of the Ring, the road that acted as the circumference of downtown, and all Jed could see was freeway, sky, and rows of swaying grey poles.
  8. And it is thanks only to the challengers - and their sponsor, Louis Vuitton - that there are street banners, scoreboards in downtown San Diego, a telephonist in the media centre and, indeed, television coverage of the event.
  9. Downtown
  10. A motorcade through downtown Moon Beach, a twenty-one-gun salute, a memorial service in the cathedral.
  11. It's that at the age of 34, fourteen years after first shambling on stage in downtown Chicago, having criss-crossed the stand-up circuit from coast to coast and guested on very hip chat show from David Letterman to Arsenio Hall, he should be bigger than he is.
  12. Whether exposing a bent cop in the system, comforting the widow of a colleague, or shooting it out with drug peddlers in downtown LA, he administered the covenant in Gun Law.
  13. These past days have been matchlessly hectic in downtown West Berlin.

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