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Перевод слова

Перевод: downward speek downward

спускающийся; ухудшающийся;
вниз; книзу


  1. And yet applying US standards in this country for example, could require a massive downward restatement of corporate profits and net worth, which would be resisted fiercely.
  2. This activity will tend to put greater downward pressure on sterling and may cause a depreciation to occur which is greater than is necessary to offset the inflation.
  3. Others, particularly socialists, were convinced that the downward trend in population growth was not, in itself, a problem since the key to the future prosperity of Britain was to be found in the redistribution of income to ensure that all enjoyed an income sufficient to enjoy healthy life.
  4. Now granted that current account deficits bring downward pressure on a currency, should this be a source of concern for the authorites?
  5. It was not far enough, as there was still downward straggle, so we moved further up the ladder to cubes.
  6. They should be borne in mind as we look at the final symptom of this "strange rise": the dispersal of the libraries, and the libraries themselves caught in this downward spiral.
  7. Trent surprised a disconcertingly familiar look in his eyes, a combination of guilt, anger and bitterness that he had learnt to recognise in his own father as the approach of one more milestone in his downward journey.
  8. She looked at Martha with a fresh insight, noting the drabness of her clothes and the downward droop of her lips!
  9. To take but one example from the many available, a well-known medieval armorial design comprises a shield with three spike-like shapes starting from the top edge of the shield, points downward and meeting towards the bottom.
  10. It was as though a giant hand were pushing me downward until my knees hit the floor.
  11. It was the beginning of the downward spiral in Hitler's popularity.
  12. In an end-of-year assessment at Westminster, Mr Ashdown admitted that when he became leader, his job had been to stabilise a party "in a fast downward spiral of disintegration".
  13. The wartime machinery of industrial relations still survived - particularly the Whitley Councils which had been competitors, employers resorted to attempts to reduce monetary wages, an action which was given an additional downward twist by the Baldwin government's decisions to return to the gold standard and to reflate the pound in 1925.

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