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Перевод слова

Перевод: due speek due

должный; соответствующий; надлежащий; обязанный; ожидаемый; причитающийся; обусловленный;
точно; прямо;
должное; то, что причитается


  1. Meanwhile, Seth Abraham, boss of big fight pay-masters Home Box Office, is due to fly into London to discuss terms for another contract with Lewis's team, and a clash with Stewart in America could be the first of the new deal.
  2. The shares took a bit of a knock due to profit-taking but are well worth holding ahead of major expansions.
  3. The current collapse in UK finished pig prices is being reflected across Europe, due to higher slaughterings and the release of stocks stored under the Aids to Private Storage.
  4. Its shares fell 8p to 101p after US aerospace group United Technologies issued a profit warning due to poor sales at Pratt Whitney, a direct competitor to RR.
  5. The budget is due now, but it has been postponed for three months.
  6. Strong historical continuities in residence were certainly due the persistence of local patterns of employment.
  7. Due to the emigration of the people of East Germany to the West - there had been two million people removing in the ten years up to 1961 - a wall was constructed between that part of Berlin controlled by the Communists and the other parts which were controlled by the Federal republic with Britain, France and the United States of America.
  8. Share prices soared, although some of this was due to falling interest rates that followed the unhooking of the pound from the dollar, stimulating gilt-edged, rather than a major increase in manufacturing output or exports.
  9. As she was due at her weekly Patrol meeting she couldn't stop to search for them.
  10. And with Leeds due 25 per cent of any fee under a clause in the original July, 1986 deal between the clubs, it trimmed their outlay to just over half Blackburn's asking price.
  11. Instead, by separating transmission from both generation and transmission, the government showed that it had rejected the dangers of efficiency losses due to fragmentation in favour of the potential benefits of competition.
  12. This had become operational in 1978, although full earnings-related pensions were not due to come into effect until 1998.
  13. The effects of rural famine took their toll on city-workers in due course.

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