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Перевод слова

Перевод: educate speek educate

давать образование; воспитывать; тренировать; консультировать; предоставлять информацию


  1. Need to educate and gain confidence of domain experts
  2. Well, the idea would be really to educate kids about the produce, nutrient values etc, the different types of quash or nutmeg that exist around the world.
  3. In addition, an input in posture is to be made into the training of officers to educate them in ways of preventing back injury."
  4. Each of these courses is designed to educate, train and equip ambitious and resourceful young men and women to pursue careers in one of the most buoyant areas of economic life, locally and nationally.
  5. In order to educate bream the alternative food should be readily available.
  6. But they did educate the public on a subject which it would have preferred to ignore.
  7. How does one educate these people into birth control, a vasectomy or sterilisation?
  8. The policy implications of this view of the problem are spread across a continuum from agricultural extension to educate farmers into new and more modern farming practices at the one end, to compulsory erosion works and outlawing practices at the other.
  9. In proposing the toast to the Society Dr Iley spoke of the need to maintain a supply of well-qualified entrants to the profession and to educate the public about the achievements of the chemical industry.
  10. In trying to educate people against using it, I would emphasise not its dangers but the fact that ultimately it is a complete waste of time and money.
  11. The task of the school is to educate and to influence the growing mind of the child through knowledge.
  12. Good schools would educate their pupils to be useful, practical, and self-motivated.
  13. When the public schools were created to educate the children of the middle classes (as opposed to the aristocracy, who were educated by tutors) they could inculcate a more formalised standard English which would equip their pupils for empire, civil service and the cosmopolitan professions.

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