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Перевод слова

Перевод: enforcement speek enforcement

давление; принуждение


  1. Instead of merely examining how the law enforcement process in its broadest sense constructs a false image of serious crime and its perpetrators, they suggest we should consider the social construction of criminal law categories .
  2. But if it's fatal to the Panel, the result will not be a free for all, but an even tougher enforcement mechanism to replace it.
  3. "Advances in telecommunications technology promise to deprive Federal, state and local law enforcement officers and the public of the incalculable benefits that can be obtained only by court-authorised wire-tapping.
  4. Promoting legislation to fully protect river dolphins in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela, and enforcement of existing laws in other areas of river dolphin habitat.
  5. Thirdly, as far as enforcement is concerned, there are many ways in which compliance with the traffic laws is essential for pedestrian safety - illegal parking and drunken-driving being obvious examples.
  6. This has, indeed, been advanced as an official reason for the enforcement of celibacy among priests.
  7. The process of law enforcement, in its broadest possible interpretation, operates in such a way as to conceal crimes of the powerful against the powerless, but to reveal and exaggerate crimes of the powerless against "everyone".
  8. As a consequence of its scope, its vague wording, and its proposed method of enforcement, which was mainly civil, it applied to very little business conduct and was, as discussed earlier, more suitable for the prosecution of labour and small businessmen than large manufacturers.
  9. Unlike other rules, such as rules of dress or of grammar, laws can always be enforced by law enforcement agencies such as the police and the courts in the last resort.
  10. Mike Abrahams, chief enforcement officer at Lautro and the man most involved in regulating tied agents, is dismayed by life companies' attitudes.
  11. Paragraph 5 of the rule was directed not only at enforcement of a judgment in favour of a claimant who had obtained judgment in his favour but also at preventing, by means of the principle of res judicata, relitigation of the same case by a person who was properly represented by a claimant against whom judgment had been given dismissing the claim, whether that person tried to pursue his claim against a named defendant sued in his own right only, or against a named defendant sued both personally and as a representative of a class, or against a member of that class.
  12. (One method of enforcement is to have the action transferred to the county court for enforcement, by an attachment of earnings order.)
  13. Things have begun to swing towards more enforcement after a period in which, as you note, the Sherman and Clayton acts were forgotten and the authorities charged with enforcing them were starved of resources.

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