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Перевод слова

Перевод: except speek except

если не;
за исключением; исключая; кроме;
исключать; возражать; отводить


  1. The result of this strategy is that I've never missed a plane in twenty-eight years of international travel - except once.
  2. For until such time as oxygen in sufficient quantities could create an ozone shield, organisms subject to the lethal wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation could not exist on land except in the shade, or in shallow water within reach of suitable wavelengths of light for photosynthesis to take place.
  3. And yet there is his tribute, as late as the Pisan years, to Blunt; there is the fact that his friendship with Yeats did not end except with Yeats's death; and there is above all the fact that his disenchantment with mass democracy kept pace with Yeats's, and culminated for him as for Yeats in the false alternative of Fascism.
  4. They still do, except that the bank officials will no longer tell us anything.
  5. Often these women, sometimes as young as seventeen or eighteen, suffer alone, no one except their husbands knows about them, or cares.
  6. She would as often as not weep during the song, and these were not glycerine tears, and they were not, except in the later years, produced to order.
  7. Everyone looked at everyone else, except for Ze the environmental lawyer, who was as eager and friendly as your dad's new girlfriend.
  8. Repeatedly the feeling was expressed that nobody could change the quality of their working lives except possibly higher management.
  9. There's an effigy on the Black Prince's tomb at Canterbury Cathedral, just like this except that his hands are together in prayer"
  10. From the end of the century it will be illegal to manufacture CFCs and halons (except for essential firefighting uses) in countries that have signed the protocol (2010 in the case of developing countries).
  11. Randi describes their methods in detail, except where some professional magicians' secret would otherwise be exposed.
  12. It should not be necessary to compile long programme notes, except perhaps in those cases where a poem is being interpreted (see page 28).
  13. The stones at its margins were bleached like bones and nothing grew at the water's edge except rank thickets of bamboo.

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