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Перевод слова

Перевод: expunge speek expunge



  1. "If we're going to be ruthless, it would probably be at the end of next summer 1994," says one minister, mulling over the possibility that Mr Major's taint of failure proves harder to expunge and that, in best Tory blood-sport tradition, he may have to be cleanly knifed.
  2. Kelly had no more rides on whom she could expunge the memory of that first race.
  3. President Reagan lifted the ban two years ago, but the Barnwell consortium says this is not enough to expunge the injury caused by Carter to its plans.
  4. We need to expunge the demand.
  5. The term "Palestine" was coined over 1,000 years later by the Romans who renamed the country after the ancient Philistines in an attempt to de-Judaise the Holy Land and expunge all Jewish references.
  6. Waugh might have agreed even with the complaint about surface faults, which he was shortly to concede in a new preface and expunge by revision.
  7. Strong words were exchanged with the latter band by the organisers, who demanded a quick piece of historical rewriting to expunge this accidental slur on the workers' state.
  8. Thanks mainly to two or three key discoveries in the field of medical science, we now have it in our power and, I hope and believe, in our will, to expunge this blind spot.
  9. The danger for the Government is that it may all come just a bit too late to expunge the memories of our current travails and of too long a period of neglect for the supply-side of the economy to respond.
  10. This time he sought to expunge every trace of Existentialism, but retained much of the material from the first draft, including the elements mentioned above.
  11. Even a change of name - from the Windscale that had witnessed the 1957 fire to the brave new world of Sellafield - has failed to expunge public hostility.
  12. The Chaplain had only delivered veiled hints as to the nature of this "Chaos", which special psychic personnel were equipped to expunge: the Inquisition
  13. Only two of the three previous 12 finals have been held outside Europe, both on the east coast of the United States, and the Del Mar organisers are trying to expunge these memories from the minds of the European riders.

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