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Перевод слова

Перевод: fall speek fall

падение; осень ; закат ; падение цен; снижение; спад ; упадок ; обесценение; водопад ; уклон ; обрыв ; склон ; скат ; понижение профиля местности; выпадение; выпадение осадков; впадение; окот ; выводок ; помет ; количество сваленного леса; напор ; высота напора; высота падения; канат подъемного блока; цепь подъемного блока; фал ; лопарь [мор.] ; каданс ; моральное падение; потеря чести; потеря могущества;
падать; свободно падать; упасть; опускаться; спускаться; понизиться; спадать; ниспадать; сникнуть; понижаться; снижаться; стихать; утихнуть; гибнуть; погибнуть; обваливаться; оседать; доставаться; выпасть на долю; угодить; пасть морально; опасть; облетать; облететь; впадать; рождаться; напуститься; валить; рубить; валиться; завалиться; потерпеть крах; разориться; сходить; утратить власть


  1. Mr Barzani says the fall of Saddam Hussein is merely a matter of time.
  2. Incidentally, mooning isn't one of my habits but for another canoeist to refer to the "dork2 who owns a red Escort van is a rather nebulous description of someone who could fall into that category simply because he owns a red van and whose hobby happens to be canoeing - it makes one feel guilty without trial .
  3. In such training the values of and V will be zero, and will accordingly fall to zero.
  4. Do they want to fall in or out to the sides?
  5. Finally, Dr Phl, who resigned after German Monetary Union, has said, "The adjustment pressure (after the abandonment of the exchange rate as an instrument of adjustment) would fall entirely on other aggregates, particularly on employment, and ever increasing public transfer payments would become inescapable.
  6. The Central Statistical Office (CSO) is already planning to revise its 1991 figures for inorganic production, for example, by 11 per cent - up from a fall of 11 per cent.
  7. The ancient race memory of that fall stirred in Fenna's marrow and he was appalled.
  8. Some of the best government programmes fall by the way for lack of a strong political constituency.
  9. The taxi was clattering away and I thought it would fall apart at any moment.
  10. It was not until the Home Office called the tribunal chairmen together to clarify the guidelines that the ratio of Bs to Cs began to fall.
  11. He is said to have prophesied the French Revolution, the Crimean War, two devastating world wars, the rise and fall of Hitler, and the rise and rise of the Arab wealth.
  12. So, despite a 17 p.c. fall in volumes in Britain, Blue Circle managed to hold its prices and expects to do so again this year.
  13. He had an uncharacteristic fall from grace in his match against Connell.

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