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Перевод слова

Перевод: feeding

питание; кормление; кормежка ; подача


  1. The long hook length, however, of the fixed link-leger, is the best one to use when fish are feeding "on the drop".
  2. Here are a few remedies to help with some of the more commonly encountered problems during breast feeding.
  3. This can be expressed very physically in the way breasts are now regarded as being for feeding babies rather than for making love, and most couples experience tensions over their sexual relationship in the early months and even years of parenthood.
  4. Generally all the family had an interest in livestock with the father attending the feeding, husbandry and health courses.
  5. The benefit of this feeding lifestyle is that it avoids the dangers of active killing of prey.
  6. Regular feeding will often extend the life of container-grown plants by many weeks.
  7. It appears to have rather generalized habits, feeding on everything from worms to clams, which it can crush with its powerful appendages, using the bases of its legs like nutcrackers.
  8. Requires more feeding than peat
  9. Dairy cows of superior genetic merit generate margins up to 30% higher, regardless of the feeding and management methods used.
  10. Perhaps it is because a predator is able to find and eat relatively large numbers of aposematic prey in a short space of time, and that the high initial rate of feeding produces a more powerful reinforcement than a greater number of prey eaten over a longer period.
  11. Purple throated fruit-crows, on the other hand, operate a mnage system; a dominant pair being aided by several non-breeders in feeding and defending the chick.
  12. Normally, and especially when the barbel are feeding with wild abandon, barbel bites on leger tackle are unmistakable, un-missable, and downright savage.
  13. For ease of access and feeding, it may be more convenient to store in a building or under a lean-to roof.

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