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Перевод слова

Перевод: felony speek felony

уголовное преступление


  1. "Rewards on her total over one million dollars, for offences that range from felony bank robbery to first degree murder.
  2. The bishop compounded his felony by supporting his brother Edmund, vicar of Cuckfield, in a protracted struggle with a local ironmaster and squire.
  3. Am I compounding a felony, or acting as an accessory before the fact?"
  4. (iii) Until 1967, when the distinction between felony and misdemeanour was abolished, persons convicted of treason or felony stood to be disqualified.
  5. Then you had got to have good grounds to believe that they were going to commit a felony.
  6. The disappearance of felony confined this disqualification to traitors.
  7. If any forester do find any trespasser wandering within his liberty within the forest and after hue and cry made to him to stand unto the peace, will not yield himself, but flee or resist if the forester do kill any such offender, he shall not be impeached for this felony.
  8. Exxon had pleaded guilty to four misdemeanour criminal-pollution charges in return for an agreement that more serious felony charges would be dropped.
  9. It could have been the opening sequence of any off-beat, low-budget American cop series, but closer attention to the soundtrack ('Green Onions' would be an unusual choice for Florida Felony) gave it away.
  10. An Act of 1485 had already made hunting in disguise or by night a felony; it was re-enacted several times so that Forest offenders could be prosecuted at Quarter Sessions or at Assizes.
  11. Search them, take them inside, lock them up - be a "suspected person loitering with intent to carry out a felony".
  12. A fourth approach, adopted by English law until 1957 and still in force in many American jurisdictions, is some form of felony-murder rule: anyone who kills during the course of a felony (or, more restrictively, a serious crime of violence) or whilst resisting arrest should be convicted of murder.

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