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Перевод слова

Перевод: fine speek fine

ясный; хороший; сухой; прекрасный; нарядный; превосходный; ладный; тонкий; мелкий; очищенный; рафинированный; высококачественный; высокого качества; высокопробный; утонченный; изящный; возвышенный; высокий; крупный; внушительный; блестящий; претенциозный;
прекрасно; превосходно; отлично; хорошо; утонченно; изящно;
штраф ; пеня ;
штрафовать; оштрафовать; налагать штраф; налагать пеню; очищать; делать прозрачным; очищаться; делаться прозрачным


  1. A fine judge of a player, a skilled diplomatist, he has secured many good players for Northampton at very little cost to the club, whilst his tact and cheery optimism has resulted in his getting the best out of the men at his command."
  2. Their movements would have kicked up the fine silt carpet on the bottom of the lake, obscuring vision.
  3. Taking my cue from her collaborations with David Steele and Andy Cox of the Fine Young Cannibals (who have produced three tracks for the album), I suggest that eventually she may be drawn beyond the usual limits of rap, towards creating real verse and chorus songs.
  4. Riddoch Chardonnay 1987, 5.39 (fine wine selection); oaky, rich, pineappley Chardonnay in classic Australian "white burgundy" style.
  5. Firstly, three fine grades of sediment were used: silt and clay (particle size less than 63 ), coarse sand (particle size 500 to 1000 ) and gravel (particle size 2-;4 mm).
  6. John Barton's Playing Shakespeare is a fine follow-up.
  7. Darren Brine, who had a fine game, had a good run down the left and when the ball was worked into the midfield, "Click" Clarke was on hand to hammer it home.
  8. Our local pub, the Wallace Arms, run by Ted and Brenda Roper, was about three miles from Haltwhistle, close to Fetherstone Castle; a fine, red sandstone structure overlooking the South Tyne and still occupied.
  9. As a teenager, Goldberg was leader of the Berlin Philharmonic under Furtwngler in the 1920s; in the 1970s he was still in fine form, and his recordings should surely have been re-released on this occasion.
  10. "The baby's fine.
  11. Sainsbury's champagne at 8.75 is also a fine example of decently mature fullness and ripeness yet freshness and fruit but scores a point more for greater elegance at no greater cost.
  12. Penny Downie gives an astonishing performance of self-lacerating despair as the social worker, vainly attempting to achieve merciful oblivion on a bender of drugs and booze, but I felt Diana Rigg could have dug deeper into the character of Rosa, though her prim Englishness undoubtedly makes a fine and comic contrast with Downie's degradation.
  13. It is no good pretending that you are ever going to do fine woodwork with this All Purpose saw, but for rough cutting and shaping it has many uses around the house.

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