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Перевод слова

Перевод: flood speek flood

наводнение; половодье; паводок ; разлив ; разлитие; подъем воды; всемирный потоп; потоп ; поток ; изобилие; прилив ; река ; озеро; море;
заливать; затоплять; наводнять; устремиться потоком; хлынуть потоком; выступать из берегов; подниматься; орошать; страдать маточным кровотечением


  1. During the Gulf War Dr. Winfield was required to establish a forward field hospital to cope with an expected flood of casualties which, happily, did not materialise.
  2. Permeable areas usually have only a few streams, but they flow with little variation throughout the year and rarely flood.
  3. We passed through the flood safely, and later discussed the incident as a metaphor.
  4. Chicago was blacked out yesterday after a freak flood caused by two million gallons of water from the Chicago river which poured through a hole in its retaining wall.
  5. To complete the tale, one of the houses is owned by a Mrs Flood.
  6. alluding to an old proverb about foretelling the weather: "When pigs carry sticks, the clouds will play tricks; when they lie in the mud, no fears of a flood."
  7. Curbs fail to halt flood of refugees
  8. Development pressures in the Amazon basin, such as the construction of hydro-electric dams, deforestation, and commercial fishing, have brought a flood of new settlers to the area.
  9. Maggie began to speak, recounting what had happened during that early morning of the flood.
  10. "For centuries he has lived close to calamity: drought and flood threaten his crops and beasts; diseases, infertility and death afflict his wife and children; ghosts disturb his peace.
  11. Also HEP schemes generally involve dams which may be useful as flood barriers and for irrigation schemes, particularly in developing countries.
  12. Unlike Poland and Hungary, East Germany will not have to coax in private capital: the stuff will flood in from West Germany.
  13. The dark side of this revolution is known as alienation, as the technical and penetration frontiers are pushed forward, so the flood of information surges and the fragile bonds between human beings are drowned in the torrent of words and images.

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