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Перевод слова

Перевод: force speek force

сила ; влияние; действенность ; действие; насилие; принуждение; вооруженный отряд; полиция ; войска ; вооруженные силы; убедительность ; смысл ; значение;
заставлять; принуждать; вынуждать; вымучивать; нудить; навязывать; брать силой; взламывать; насиловать; неволить; приневоливать; напрягать; ускорять; добавлять обороты; нагнетать; форсировать; перегружать машину; выводить; выращивать; вталкивать; вгонять; вставлять с силой


  1. The only cleaning the house gets is when I force him to put the Hoover round on pain of a black eye.
  2. He had proved that he could maintain his force in the desert over a considerable length of time, which by air supply could easily be extended.
  3. There is not much hope for national authorities to defend their rights before such a court, especially if the principle and aims of closer integration are accepted in the Treaty Amendments, because in the past the Court has used similar apparent commitments to force the pace of integration.
  4. His pay is appallingly low and one month in arrears, and yet he hears that the local party is about to mobilize by force peasants aged between 20 and 40 for the army.
  5. The amended regulations which came into force on 1 August 1955, included two long sentences following the lines of Recommendation 6:
  6. East Germany, where the lingering Protestant work ethic marched shoulder to shoulder with Leninist concepts of electrification as the vitalizing force that would change society, has the world's highest per capita emissions of sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide.
  7. While this campaign was in force, Sweden was the only country to register a fall in the reported number of cases of gonorrhoea.
  8. But General Aoun insists no such reforms can be instituted until the withdrawal of Syrian troops, which Christian leaders invited into Lebanon in 1976 as a peacekeeping force.
  9. The challenge came when the Regional Land Ownership Task Force, established by the Appalachian Alliance to work specifically on land and taxation issues, discovered that the ARC intended to conduct a study on land in Appalachia.
  10. Every Defence White Paper to this day has stressed the importance the British Government attaches to the achievement of a comprehensive nuclear and conventional force disarmament package as the only alternative to nuclear deterrence.
  11. Hence some of the older hands in the force complain about the younger, more exuberant policemen.
  12. The chronicler Roger of Wendover wrote that at the Council of Oxford in 1227, "the King caused to be cancelled and annulled all the charters of liberties of the forest, although they had already been in force in the whole realm for two years": the earls who rebelled in July were said to have compelled the king to restore the charters by the threat of armed force.
  13. He said the rebels' objective was "not to conquer Kabul by force, but to smash the security perimeter" established by government forces.

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