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Перевод слова

Перевод: freak speek freak

странный; причудливый; необычный; помешанный;
наркоман ; чудачество; каприз ; урод ; уродец ; причуда ; чудак ; ненормальный ход; внезапное прекращение радиоприема; внезапное восстановление радиоприема; частота ;
приходить в возбуждение; приводить в возбуждение; сердиться; вести крайне беспорядочный образ жизни


  1. The EST freak, Boyd, said, as he took off his trousers and shook his penis at me, "If I weren't white and middle class I'd have been in Pyke's show now.
  2. It was one thing to boast afterwards of pre-breakfast hiking, quite another to be actually seen leading this freak of nature, this abortion, about the public streets.
  3. John thought no more about it - until, two weeks later, HIS best friend was killed in a freak motorcycle accident.
  4. Chicago was blacked out yesterday after a freak flood caused by two million gallons of water from the Chicago river which poured through a hole in its retaining wall.
  5. This year, by some freak of fate, the Mendozas had drawn the O'Briens in the first round, and were due to play them at the latter's new polo club forty miles away on the first Saturday in December.
  6. However, the area which "A" Squadron had to cover was far too large, several of their jeeps were lost through parachute failures, and the squadron was greatly hampered from first to last by appalling freak weather conditions.
  7. Brilliant actress - I can totally freak out and not even my best friend knows.
  8. They'd freak totally, if their boss went around in jeans.
  9. He will probably judge that it was a freak of history.
  10. They have taken great pains to eliminate explanations based on freak signals from side walls, or from inanimate objects (although we cannot entirely discount such hypotheses until we have specifically investigated them).
  11. Well, a freak maelstrom hit us last September and drove wreckage into the bay at Moltke, where a group of German amateur divers were camping.
  12. Sex Shop Freak Found Dead in Gutter, or something?"
  13. SHAUN EDWARDS ensured yesterday that only freak results can prevent majestic Wigan completing an unprecedented hat-trick of triumphs in the Stones Bitter Championship.

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