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Перевод слова

Перевод: fund speek fund

запас ; резерв ; фонд ; капитал ; денежные средства; благотворительная организация; общественная организация;
консолидировать; вкладывать капитал в ценные бумаги; финансировать; делать запас


  1. A year ago, a depositor protection scheme was introduced to parallel Britain's arrangements, and, at the beginning of this year, a plan to license fund managers came into effect.
  2. He said that some time ago the POWs fund was merged with a general purposes benefit fund for all old comrades of the regiment, but that POWs were given priority in any benefit payouts.
  3. The extra cash would fund research related to the new generation of satellites planned for later in the 1980s.
  4. The star of My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany's visited the country as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund.
  5. If you work in a university, polytechnic, college or school anywhere in the world and your work is held up for lack of funding, the Research Fund may be able to help you.
  6. Anglian DTI spokeswoman, Sarah Squire, said money taken from the EICS would be used to fund the new One Stop Shop scheme, where Training and Enterprise Councils set up consultancy services at a single location.
  7. We set up a Small Self-Administered Scheme with a 50,000 contribution which cut our tax bill by 12,500, bought the machinery with a 25,000 from the pension fund and the loan repayments go back into our fund to increase our pensions.
  8. Officials are embarrassed by the fact that the total in the fund is still so small than under United Nations rules, none of it can be spent.
  9. The family and friends who joined Teresa and Kenny were advised that they would prefer donations to the sick fund in preference to gifts on their special anniversary.
  10. Once fund managers see the sequence of events leading to the share price collapse, they will decide whether to sue.
  11. DEUTSCHE BANK, the giant German banking group, will today make a move into the British fund management market, launching Deutsche Bank Capital Management (UK), an institutional fund manager.
  12. There are three types of payments under the Social fund:
  13. Employers also have to contribute equivalent to 18% of a worker's salary to the Central Provident Fund (which provides finance for pension, healthcare, tertiary education and certain approved investments) and a further 1% levy for employees earning less than S750 per month to be used by the government's National Productivity Board to fund skills training.

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