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Перевод слова

Перевод: gore speek gore

кровь ; запекшаяся кровь; свернувшаяся кровь; клин ; ластовица ; участок земли клином;
придавать форму клина; вставлять клин; вшивать клин; бодать; забодать; пронзать; пронзить (клыками); пробить


  1. Myra Breckenridge , the sizzling exposure of sex in Hollywood by Gore Vidal had just made its appearance in London, along with Norman Mailer's The Armies of the Night , about the invasion of the White House the previous October of pacifists and hippies protesting at the war.
  2. At York he was able to write a weighty book, From Gore to Temple , which traced changes in Christian thought in England during the last eighty years.
  3. Below: A garment with the lining (photos: W.L. Gore and Associates).
  4. Chris Gore, who was Jerry's seconder, earns his keep from the sport too, as technical adviser for Merrell, the American boot company.
  5. The chalices on Tezla's cheeks wept tattooed gore.
  6. Whatever the way of it, Tina was a month ahead of Jean and had Stu with little trouble in her own bedroom instead of going into the hospital at Gore as she'd done with Sandy.
  7. At any rate, in the spring of 1905 she had married Bruce in Gore and moved to his farm outside Edendale.
  8. Now, the recent boom in advanced home computer games has meant that fool boys like me don't sit at home flicking the channels for blood, guts and gore: they recreate it by playing silly silicon war games.
  9. AMERICAN vice president-elect Al Gore and wife Tipper had to be rescued by secret service agents after getting lost on a weekend hike.
  10. Where Clinton is rugged and earthy, Gore is clean cut and preppy.
  11. Full details are available from Anne Rimmer or Chris Gore in the Groups Office .
  12. Barry Gore, head of economics and business studies at Luton, points out that all business studies candidates have to undertake an extended case study.
  13. Tina and Bruce had met at a farm dance near Gore.

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