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Перевод слова

Перевод: gory speek gory

окровавленный; кровопролитный


  1. In the library there is a hair-raisingly gory book on display entitled A Survey of the Microcosm or The Anatomie of the Bodies of Man and Woman (1675) by Michael Spaher.
  2. "Mocharb's son of fiercest fame, Known his name for bloody toil, To his gory grave is gone, He who shone o'er shouting Moyle.""
  3. Denice lets out little yelps of laughter at the occasional humorous moments and squirms and groans during the gory bits.
  4. History Of Veterinary Medicine (permanent) Gory display of veterinary instruments and anatomical model of a horse.
  5. He told some gory stories of eagles carrying off dogs and lambs, of their being shot and maimed.
  6. Herbs are cast into the fire by the Lady of the Flowers in lieu of what may have been gory sacrifices by our sun-worshipping ancestors.
  7. In my first week at work there occurred an extremely gory accident at the College crossing, a point where the main line of the railway crosses the motor road to Regina just east of the city.
  8. His face got redder till finally, like a squeezed pimple, it suddenly burst sending his head's gory contents flying in all directions.
  9. She pictures the relationship between Katherine, the brash and rather unlikely features editor of Woman Now magazine (do these people really stand around in camisoles dictating gory details about gynaecological examination over radio-phones?) and a Russian exile, Slava.
  10. His hands and arms, encased in long white rubber gloves, were crimson with blood and there were gory pieces of human skin and bone on the tables.
  11. Constant references to gory massacres are impossible to check, but on the winding road from Tuzla to Belgrade a convoy of rickety buses carried Serbians from heavy clashes in Kupres, showing that ethnic distinctions become lost as the refugee tally mounts.
  12. Gill is a very user friendly orthodontist (special dentist- and gave and fascinating and gory illustrated talk on teeth.
  13. In early April two young farm labourers, Valdecir Ferreira and Altair Gomes, narrowly escaped death when a mob 1,500-strong stormed and set fire to the prison where they were being held for the gory knife murder of a taxi-driver, in the state of Parana.

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