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Перевод слова

Перевод: grand speek grand

грандиозный; величественный; большой; великий; важный; очень важный; главный; основной; возвышенный; благородный; знатный; важничающий; исполненный самомнения; великолепный; пышный; роскошный; импозантный; парадный; итоговый; суммирующий; восхитительный; превосходный; приятный; барский; богато одетый; щегольски одетый;
рояль ; тысяча долларов; кусок


  1. I remember the first gig I went to in Cleveland, the grand piano was two feet too short.
  2. He was backed by the grand dame of the series, Ann Charleston, who plays the matriarchal Madge.
  3. This makes the Scottish footwork look very light and easy particularly as it is allied to the steps of petit and grand allegro he also used.
  4. A remarkable hydraulic lift still plies the cliff face between the high promenade and the pier, and there are some imposing villas, but the grandest of grand hotels has been turned into flats.
  5. So Nigel Mansell has made a grand prix comeback without ever having left.
  6. Bob Champion had been advised by Fred Winter, who had twice ridden the winner of the Grand National, to take a pull halfway to the first fence in order to prevent his mount from rushing at it.
  8. Theatres - West Yorkshire Playhouse (0532 222141): Civic (0532 455505); Grand Theatre (0532 440971): City Varieties Music Hall (0532 430808).
  9. While Senna's steady but swift progress made his 20th Grand Prix victory look easy, the reigning world champion says this race has been one of the toughest.
  10. In Lyon, Rene celebrated the return to his city, and the victory of the Resistance with a grand PEN congress and an expert's appreciation of the restaurants.
  11. It was a triumph to see the Grand National from so many angles - far better than being there - to have the camera on the winning boat, to watch the two FA Cup semi-finals, one after the other, and to round off the day with Nigel Mansell's win in the Brazilian Grand Prix.
  12. The leaders of the Trades Union Congress, governors of the BBC, the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, to say nothing of grand figures like the former foreign secretary, Lord Halifax, the former chancellor and home secretary who gave his name to the wartime Anderson shelter, Lord Waverley, and the sainted Lady Violet Bonham Carter were all against.
  13. A GRAND is the average amount that a British family pays out when booking its annual holiday package.

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