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Перевод слова

Перевод: habit speek habit

привычка ; повадка ; обычай ; обыкновение; черта ; характерная черта; св`ойство; особенность ; сложение; телосложение; пристрастие к наркотикам; габитус ; характер развития; характер произрастания; облачение; одеяние; костюм для верховой езды;
облачать; одевать


  1. This was to meet a navy habit of sitting "on the deck" when not otherwise engaged, the floor often being preferred to seats.
  2. If you find it difficult to keep a rally going within the confines of the court, chase the ball wherever it goes so that you become accustomed to the habit of pursuing the ball.
  3. So not only the pain has to be removed to cure the habit; but also the fear of pain, and anxiety as well.
  4. STOCKBROKERS have picked up the airline habit: flying merrily on heedless of a leakage of cash.
  5. It is a good idea to say the key words aloud every time as you check each item so that it becomes a habit.
  6. There are many more directions than the ones I have mentioned and these may be used according to one's own particular habit.
  7. "One has long made a habit of beheading his wife at intervals in what is now my study: the other, a lady named Madam Sharpe, drops rings and other small objects into a china basin in my dressing room.
  8. I had, of course, been told by my surgeon that everything he could see he had taken out, On the other hand, I had chosen to explore further on my own and I was learning that cancer has this nasty habit of playing possum.
  9. In sauntering after his cattle, he acquires a habit of indolence and at length the sale of a half-fed cow or hog, furnishes the means of adding intemperance to idleness.
  10. Anyway, it didn't get anywhere and the first record we released with David was "You've Got a Habit of Leaving", which we did at IBM Studios in Portland Street.
  11. Unlike Glenn Gould - in many matters one of Karajan's great soul-mates - Karajan did not abandon the concert-giving habit; but, like Gould, he did unashamedly embrace recording technology to the full, the first conductor to do so in the wake of Stokowski, that would-be musico-technological pioneer who had the misfortune to be born thirty years too soon.
  12. Worse, many bad habits can be especially difficult to cure because they are likely to have been created by anxiety in the first place, and trying to stop the habit increases the horse's anxiety.
  13. In his twelve years in Paris Modigliani had painted portraits almost exclusively and had lost the "habit of contemplating landscape" that had fired him as a boy.

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