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Перевод слова

Перевод: habitual speek habitual

обычный; привычный; пристрастившийся


  1. Johnstone has confronted his fall from grace with the kind of honest self-awareness that is rare in habitual drinkers.
  2. Even where coalition is habitual, "chaos" is far from typical, unless you regard Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland as seething with unrest.
  3. Some lack of enthusiasm is caused by a habitual attitude of boredom and hopelessness, and the simple remedy to this is often to commence a regimen of positive thought.
  4. But the term takes on a specific meaning in those studies in the sociology of policing which are inspired by ethnomethodology and phenomenology, where it describes a quality of the accomplishment of these tasks - that they are produced in a taken-for-granted, commonsensical, and habitual manner.
  5. If we do this often enough, and most of us do, then these ways of being become habitual and eventually the muscle tension that is required for these unnatural positions becomes fixed into our body.
  6. A striking metaphor is always a disruption of the habitual and conventional.
  7. In transactional analysis (TA) it is assumed that our habitual ways of feeling and behaving largely stem from the way we feel about ourselves in relation to other people.
  8. (Hoomey had achieved his nickname by his surprised habitual reply at any address aimed in his general direction.)
  9. Having posited a connection in Leapor's verse between images of trees, flowers, and plants, and her own habitual labour, we may judge that her conservative attitude toward landscape in this poem has an economic origin.
  10. But he came a long way round from a long way back, and O'Brien, by no means a habitual blamer of jockeys, is still convinced they should have won.
  11. What I mean by tradition involves all those habitual actions, habits and customs, from the most significant religious rite to our conventional way of greeting a stranger, which represent the blood kinship of "the same people living in the same place".
  12. He was establishing a pattern of behaviour that with minimal alterations was to become essential to his habitual well-being: long walks with a selected companion, in place of the organized games and sports of boyhood and middle-school days; the acquisition of semi-rural skills - fishing, bird nesting, skinning pelts, skilful carpentry, well-arranged collecting of eggs and butterflies and specimens; and, always, the adventure of trespass and unusual exploration that was, in some frenetic way, aimed at the rapid expansion of suburban villa London into older, more rural surrounding communities.
  13. It is as if we put on our telescopes of the mind and magnify infinitely our habitual thoughts.

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