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Перевод слова

Перевод: hang speek hang

вид ; манера ; смысл ; значение; склон ; скат ; наклон ; особенности ;
вешать; подвешивать; развешивать; развесить; висеть; выставлять картины на выставке; навешивать; прикреплять; свисать; повисать; пар`ить; висеть в воздухе; сидеть; увешивать; завешать; завешивать; украшать; задерживаться при спуске; застревать при спуске


  1. "If we comb through our stories and one encounters with wild whales and dolphins, we find that they seem to hang together along a shining thread - that whales and dolphins know what they are doing, that their actions are purposeful, and stunningly specific to the occasion, that they intend us no harm, that they are aware.
  2. Words like these are something to hang onto when people ask "Why is opera fashionable now?"
  3. Here again, just hang on.
  4. Before fifteen days are over, if it please God, those tambours shall be laid before you, and shall be sounded for your pleasure, and then they shall be given to the Bishop Don Hieronymo, that he may hang them up in the Church of St. Mary, Mother of God.
  5. Arriving in Cyprus ahead of Othello, an understandably nervous Desdemona is forced to hang around on the quay and, in an effortful charade of lightheartedness, swap bawdy banter with Iago and company.
  6. "Leaseholders won't hang around for 16 years in a pub, because leases can be sold on.
  7. Hang Seng Index: 2,879.42 (2900.21).
  8. Many have a dread of something happening that will plunge them suddenly into a situation of near-poverty, and a few also unconsciously use their financial problems as pegs on which to hang their much deeper fears concerning their health and their future, which they may find hard to face.
  9. As an American I can only hang my head in shame over the Bill Clinton sex scandal.
  10. There, getting the hang of it now?
  11. If, on the other hand, they manage to hang on inside the uterus, they may be born successfully at full term three or six weeks later.
  12. For ethical reasons, no social researcher should expose respondents to that possibility, and others over whom this threat does not hang or by whom it is treated lightly, such as ex-policemen and women or disgruntled members of the force, are too unrepresentative to give a balanced view of policing Therefore, it was necessary to undertake an overt study and to obtain permission for the research from the Chief Constable.
  13. Hang on to the back stick and full power and the model should right itself.

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