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Перевод слова

Перевод: harbour

гавань ; порт ; убежище; прибежище;
стать на якорь; давать убежище; приютить; укрывать; укрыть; питать; затаить; затаить злобу; выследить зверя


  1. The North Rotunda, now a first-class restaurant, and its sister dome on the south bank, were the termini of the Glasgow Harbour Tunnel.
  2. No 37672 Freight Transport Association ( in old Railfreight livery) and No 37673 (in two-;tone grey) pass Cockwood Harbour, near Exeter, with the 15.45 St Blazy to Gloucester freight on 17 august 1989 .
  3. By the late 1970s the state sector had become not only a harbour of inefficiency, as in many "developed" countries, but also a greenhouse of the hybrid values emerging in Africa many of which were inimical to efficient methods of low-cost production.
  4. Dawn Henderson to travel trade sales executive with the Hotel Conrad, Chelsea Harbour, London.
  5. One of his ideas had been to take a small naval party with him who would attempt to scuttle a ship in the harbour mouth.
  6. The most seriously endangered species is the harbour porpoise, whose total Arctic population may be as perilously low as 15,000.
  7. After setting fire to a collier and a house by the harbour, not very successfully, thanks to a sudden heavy storm, Jones successfully withdrew, despite the fire of a party of militia, and, when he had re-embarked, of cannon shot from some guns in the batteries which had escaped being spiked.
  8. The parents who are not involved in school can harbour suspicions that favouritism exists and that those involved in and around the school are a clique that exerts power in obtaining preferential treatment for their own children to the disadvantage of others.
  9. On 9 June 1957 a fisherman found a body, with the head and hands missing, clad in a black rubber suit, floating off Pilsey Island at the mouth of Chichester Harbour.
  10. Most provocatively, those gender anxieties are found to harbour a repressed homosexuality.
  11. The main concentrations occur at Chichester and Rye Harbour gravel pits, where flocks of up to 400 birds are regular and which, combined, hold about half the county population.
  12. If it gets into the harbour, it'll stop the surrender.
  13. He reached out to her but she did not move into the offered harbour of his arms.

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