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Перевод слова

Перевод: haste speek haste

поспешность ; торопливость ; спешка ; опрометчивость ;
спешить; торопить; торопиться


  1. Resist the temptation to climb onto the ledge, for this is one of those red herrings which prove difficult to retreat from, and make haste with the short traverse, after which a few moves on rounded layaways gain the surprisingly airy belay.
  2. India's Shia Muslims, who were antagonistic to Mr Hussein over his war against Iran, have rallied to him with surprising haste.
  3. The Committee's recommendations on prostitution were acted upon with far more haste than those concerning homosexual conduct.
  4. On the next day Sir Thomas Fulford and John Halwell were ordered to sea with all haste, "to go to the Downs among Sir Edward and his company".
  5. Second, what education now needs more than ever is a period of calm and stability in which changes can be introduced or consolidated in partnership with the teaching profession without undue haste and lack of preparation.
  6. Lots of girls married in haste and repented at leisure then because they were afraid of being left on the shelf.
  7. I had to make haste now or I would be late, so I threw my kit in the back of the Porsche, threaded my way through the traffic on the Kingston By-pass and then put my foot down on the M3, keeping a wary eye open for the police.
  8. This chemical haste means that maize sugars are slightly richer in the rarer, heavier version of carbon (known as carbon-13) than are sugars made by temperate plants.
  9. On this particular occasion, having picked up her baby daughter, the mother was in such a haste to reach the safety of the shelter that she tripped on the stone steps leading down into its dark interior.
  10. In some haste he drafted a brief manifesto to show how the Conservative Party was adapting itself to the post-Reform Act political scene.
  11. And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.
  12. Captain Kepler Wessels has complained of the indecent haste in agreeing to play the series in the West Indies so soon after the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.
  13. And that started a landslide of children scrambling and shoving and pushing and pressing all round Miss Harker, almost knocking her over in their haste for a sweet or a pat on the head.

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