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Перевод слова

Перевод: haul speek haul

волочение; тяга ; выборка ; тоня ; улов ; трофеи ; трофей ; добыча ; перевозка ; подвозка ; ездка ; рейс ; пройденное расстояние; груз ; откатка ;
тянуть; тащить; волочить; буксировать; перевозить; подвозить; менять направление; держать круто к ветру; держаться круто к ветру; держать против ветра; держаться против ветра; откатывать [горн.]; дотягивать


  1. His total haul from the robberies was 12,418.
  2. So the interior ministry is about to haul up the white flag.
  3. The beach start enables you to step on to your board without having to haul the sail out of the water.
  4. It reports a noticeable growth in the sale of long haul holidays, especially to the USA, and in demand for unpackaged travel.
  5. Long time leader Dave Berrow hasn't scored since November and his 43 point haul is now just three in front of former title winner Dave Harrell and four ahead of inform Denis Bonner.
  6. Although bankers seem to have some optimism, even members of the Reichmann family say the debt restructuring will be a long haul.
  7. Karen Walker has led Doncaster's unbeaten League run and her four-goal haul on Saturday took her combined League and Cup total to 55.
  8. Add to that an umbrella and the bag and head covers, and you wonder how someone the size of little Fanny Sunesson manages to haul Nick Faldo's bag over the usual 7,000 yards for four hours or more.
  9. It is a long haul back to the beginning.
  10. Wright, of course, has contributed much more than his fair share, scoring virtually half of Arsenal's entire league haul with his tally of 11.
  11. Stephens converted to complete a 15-point haul.
  12. Instead she has developed a strict routine for short haul trips to get her across her pain barrier.
  13. Today's caddie is required to haul around even more, including an extra towel, at least a dozen balls, two sets of rain gear, a couple of cans of soda, and various food stuffs.

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