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Перевод слова

Перевод: hone speek hone

точильный камень; точильный сланец; хонинговальная головка; оселок ; хонинговальная головка ;
точить; затачивать; хонинговать; притирать; ворчать; хныкать; горевать


  1. During the 16th century the mill was in the hands of various members of the Hone family, later passing to the clothier, Thomas Tayloe, from whom the mill took one of its best-remembered names.
  2. Anyone who wishes to hone up on the likes of Cross Keys or Maesteg, not to mention aristocrats like Llanelli, will find a great deal to intrigue and amuse.
  3. But if these commentators believed that schools were failing to hone their pupils' political critical faculties to a sufficient sharpness, by the 1980s, as we have seen, right-wing commentators were expressing the contrary view.
  4. On the other hand, in Joseph Hone's W.B. Yeats, 1865-;1939 (1942, p.367) we read that the Yeatses went to Sicily in November 1924 and stayed for two months, "the attraction there being, besides the sunlight, the presence of Ezra Pound on the island, and the Byzantine mosaics of Monreale and the Capella Palatina at Palermo".
  5. By 1839 the mill was in the hands of Richard Hone and in 1840 he installed some form of steam engine, probably to power such auxiliary equipment as a winnower and bolting machine.
  6. They provided interim employment and on the second, a further chance for Nicholson to hone his writing talents, since he both acted in it, and wrote the screenplay.
  7. After an early fright, when Hone half-volleyed a good chance high for Welling, Senior had a header saved well by Barron, Payne sent another over and Gilkes, Reading's most dangerous player, was just too high with a powerful shot.
  8. But neither Korda nor his regular scriptwriter, Lajos Biro, had the will to hone scripts for international consumption.
  9. Welling: Barron; Hone, Horton, Glover, Ransom, Clemmence, White (Burgess, 112), Handford, Booker, Robbins, Reynolds.
  10. Dante could turn aside from his most sublime passages of religious contemplation to hone a gratuitous insult for the benefit of Florentine families whom he happened to dislike.
  11. A first-half header from their former Crystal Palace defender Mark Hone saw off Gillingham, their near neighbours of the Fourth Division, 1-0 in a first-round replay.
  12. Leonard (1900) is worth seeking, as are the following: The Manor and Manorial Records by N.J. Hone (3rd edition, 1925), A History of the Boroughs and Municipal Corporations by H.A.
  13. "And they hone it.

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