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Перевод слова

Перевод: horizon speek horizon

горизонт ; кругозор ; отложение одного возраста; ярус


  1. Boy would have been happiest to stand on the end of a pier from which big ships, real proper ocean ships, embarked; but he would have settled for just an ordinary pier, a small one - so long as it was big enough for him to walk away from the city, into the wind, turn his back on everything and stand there looking west at an empty sea, or a far horizon, and think about America, or somewhere.
  2. And yet their horizon is not without its clouds.
  3. To my right, almost on the horizon, I thought I could see the square tower of a church.
  4. All of this forms a central part of Locke's answer to his initial question about the extent of human knowledge, and whether there is a horizon between what we can and cannot know.
  5. This special case of the degenerate Kasner solution is flat and, in this case, the focusing hypersurface is a Killing-Cauchy horizon across which space-time can be extended.
  6. Austin Mitchell (Beyond the Blue Horizon), and Giles Radice (Labour's Path to Power - the New Revisionism) were there too.
  7. An hour and there was a speck of yellow on the horizon as tiny as an aphid.
  8. A thin Ah horizon, not always present, overlies a pale-coloured E horizon with a low organic-matter content.
  9. Since 1979 we have just begun to have confidence in ourselves to raise our eyes to the horizon again.
  10. On the front of the astrolabe there was a thin plate (the tympan) on which was engraved a stereographic projection of the lines of altitude and azimuth (angular distance along the horizon) as they would be for an observer at a given latitude.
  11. Humic gleys have no free calcium carbonate in the upper mineral horizons and have a dark-coloured Ahg horizon.
  12. The presence of an A or an O horizon, together with some mottling and weak structure in the subsoil, are characteristic features.
  13. A horizon of humus accumulation may be present above the iron pan (Bf horizon) which is often continuous and forms a barrier to water or roots.

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