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Перевод слова

Перевод: impound speek impound

загонять скот; запирать; конфисковать; заключать; запруживать воду


  1. The coast guard impound boats if they find anything.
  2. These things, of course, are the very same evidence that the Inspector of Accidents has the legal right to impound for his investigation of the cause of the accident.
  3. If there's a spot of dirt on them, they'll impound them in Perth and they'll go and do it all over again.
  4. In doing so, it should not impound the entrance to the operational Cardiff dock, but should enclose the Penarth marina.
  5. It is a fundamental principle that the design of the barrage authorised by the Bill should impound the estuaries of the Taff and Ely.
  6. Instead of arresting a man caught with a hooker in his car, the police in Florence impound the motor.
  7. The twelve forest parishes were to continue to nominate reeves for appointment by the Conservators, and the reeves to mark commoners' cattle, receive the fees therefor, and impound uncommonable cattle.
  8. I hope that you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, will impound the Secretary of State's passport because it may well be needed when the full inquiry gets under way.
  9. Coroners have the right to impound evidence relating to the death being investigated and this can include the wreckage of an aircraft, radio, flight data and cockpit voice recordings, and all the navigation and technical records of the flight.
  10. Proposals include; increased powers which will allow environmental Health Officers to impound food which is deemed unfit for consumption, introduction of "use by" rather than "sell by" dates on perishable goods, registration of both food-selling premises and flocks of egg-laying hens, the pasteurisation of milk from sheep and goats, an increase in the control of temperatures at which food is stored, and the irradiation of some foods.
  11. Mrs Goreng used her husband's influence to impound every bottle on the island, as well as a stupendous quantity of crates of beer.
  12. They must also be able to interview anyone involved in the operation of the aircraft, including the crew if they are available, and to impound all the relevant records, both documentary and electronic.
  13. We now impound fluctuations due to the weather in ceteris ceteris paribus, and neglect them provisionally: they are so quick that they speedily obliterate one another, and are therefore not important for problems of this class.

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