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Перевод слова

Перевод: incredible speek incredible

неправдоподобный; невероятный; неслыханный; потрясающий; неимоверный


  1. But it was still "very much incredible prospect", as Richardson put it; and Reynolds thought that the mention in the same memo of Colonel Ghadaffi's attempt to buy the hostages was just as interesting as what might have gone to the contras.
  2. They also remarked with astonishment a sort of combat between God and her without being able to determine whether God was more occupied in seeking in the secrets of his wisdom the means of exercising her by suffering than she was disposed to suffer for his love; for she showed an incredible avidity for crosses and an invincible patience over her trials and over every affliction which Almighty God sent to exercise her love and fidelity.
  3. Diesel park West sent us incredible demo tapes, but I would not do a deal without seeing them perform live.,
  4. To either side of it, slim stone tiles had been layered, end on, with incredible skill, fanning like birds' wings from the top of the entrance to the foot of the mound.
  5. "This town is just incredible.
  6. Extra torque (from 192 to 211lb ft) adds incredible flexibility, allowing pull-away from 10mph in fifth all the way up to 105mph.
  7. Skates were tied on the wrong feet; some boys were trying to remember when they had last changed their socks; the smell was incredible.
  8. Towards the end of 1989 film and TV scripts were flooding in at an unprecedented rate, spurred on by her successful debut live tour, the incredible success, even by her standards, of her second album "Enjoy Yourself" which entered the British LP charts at number one on its first day of release in October that year and the much-anticipated release of The Delinquents .
  9. "Look," Leila said quickly, "I know this is a bit shocking and incredible and all, but
  10. The mortality rate of puppies at that time was incredible.
  11. A businessman called Greville Wynne was asked to act as a freelance MI6 contact and for the next two years Penkovsky provided an incredible wealth of intimate detail about the Russians' innermost plans including the period of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.
  12. Many unattached skis went sliding off down the hill at incredible speed.
  13. Their system is based on a vast number of smallholders on tiny plots of land, working with incredible skill, dedication, and thrift.

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