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Перевод слова

Перевод: incumbent speek incumbent

лежащий; возлежащий; возложенный; налегший всей тяжестью; занимающий определенный официальный пост;
лицо, занимающее должность; священник, имеющий приход


  1. The incumbent of St Mark's, the Rev. Claude Lionel Chavasse, suggested that the window might contain a view of St Mark's itself in the background.
  2. In their wisdom Ciaran Fitzgerald and his selectors decided to dispense with the incumbent, Rob Saunders, and bring Aherne back for his thirteenth Irish cap.
  3. It was not enough for voters to be dissatisfied with an incumbent Tory government.
  4. Injury has ruled out the current incumbent at No 10, Llanelli's Colin Stephens, leaving his two biggest rivals the chance to impress selectors.
  5. But there can also be detected an incumbent's complacency after years of huge majorities and easy victories; a slight resentment, almost, at having to fight an election at all.
  6. His retirement in January 1 989 left, inevitably, a much more indirect relationship between London and the new incumbent, President George Bush.
  7. In case (ii) the value of z is updated to z k and the incumbent solution replaced by (or defined to be, if there is no current incumbent) the optimal solution of LPk.
  8. For one thing, Erik Quistgaard, the present incumbent, does not want to go.
  9. Number twos tend therefore to be passed over (except for the top job in America, for which agreeably relaxed standards of industry have been set by a recent incumbent).
  10. The next incumbent was John Selwyn Gummer, who doesn't really count.
  11. And the woman of Chicago, Illinois, who chose to punish the incumbent senator from that state, Alan Dickson, for voting for Thomas in the Senate hearings.
  12. The reason for this is fairly obvious; when people are confused and insecure (as many Catholics are especially today) it is incumbent on all of us who teach and preach (in whatever capacity) to have a proper respect for the needs and weaknesses of those who may be listening.
  13. The "absence" of international issues is, however, in many ways an illusion: one can say that if formal controversy over foreign policy was markedly absent from the campaign, international factors played a major role in shaping it, and, even more so, to affect the future course of British politics, whatever the incumbent government does.

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