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Перевод слова

Перевод: ineffective speek ineffective

неэффективный; безрезультатный; недействующий; недействительный; напрасный; невпечатляющий; невыразительный; неумелый; неспособный


  1. It is not surprising that single lines of trees or hedges have proved ineffective - these simply do not provide enough material to scatter or absorb much sound.
  2. Colonial soil conservation measures during the 1930-;50 period, which involved hedge planting, contour ridging of cultivated land and gully control, proved to be ineffective because of the unpopularity of controls on stock movement and resettlement.
  3. If they find their way into food operations and are used to remove dirt from aluminium surfaces they will not only be ineffective but may also cause considerable damage to the finish.
  4. When in 1963 I read The American fluoridation Experiment by F. B. Exner and G. L. Waldbott, I was left in no doubt that besides being unethical, fluoridation was both ineffective as a prophylactic treatment and a needless risk, at least to some people, in the long term.
  5. Price rises were ineffective unless they were so swingeing as to be ruinous.
  6. Sometimes a most carefully planned game structure is ineffective because it is not for some reason appropriate either to the material or to the particular class.
  7. Controls on farmers' use of nitrates would just be voluntary to start with, and legal limits would be imposed only if the voluntary controls turned out to be ineffective.
  8. The new, the really new, had to be possible, since all the old wisdoms had proved themselves ineffective.
  9. Conflicts spread over thousands of years have still not resolved the problems arising from that claim, and justification of it from the scriptures, has proved completely ineffective, and surely this is bound to happen, for the human race, whether in part or as a whole will never meekly submit to having a religion or political system simply thrust upon it.
  10. Ineffective screening is not just a waste of money.
  11. The contrast between ineffective and effective meetings can be captured under 10 headings:
  12. Airdrie appeared determined not to give their opponents any room - a tactic typified by Stewart's marking of Robertson, who looked unusually ineffective.
  13. As North's tawdry tale unfolded one was reminded of the 1962 novel Seven Days in May - which tells how a group of disaffected American generals plan to overthrow what they see as a weak and ineffective president by a military coup.

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