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Перевод слова

Перевод: infectious speek infectious

инфекционный; заразный; заразительный


  1. The doctor had already advised Elizabeth to boil her bed linen and not to share any of her clothes with her sister - scabies is very infectious.
  2. The HSE says that companies that take shortcuts when building new units, refurbishing and converting facilities, especially those for high-rise work, might expose workers to infectious, allergenic or toxic hazards.
  3. It was the memory of the sparkling waters of Tenerife that helped her with her imaging, and her joy in at last succeeding in that therapy was immense and infectious.
  4. The reaction occurs most frequently in cases of early infectious syphilis when 50 per cent or more patients will notice some upset or other.
  5. After all, it was one thing to show that malaria was transmitted by mosquitoes, and sleeping sickness by the tsetse fly, quite another that the common, innocent and friendly house fly was responsible for virtually every other infectious disease known to man.
  6. The scenes in Bohemia have an infectious, anarchic energy, with a vintage comic performance from Marcello Magni as that normally tedious rogue Autolycus.
  7. Preliminary vaccine tests in humans have largely involved so-called "sub-unit" vaccines, made from parts of HIV, which are not infectious.
  8. Whereas the diagnosis of early infectious syphilis can be made with a good degree of accuracy by identifying the treponeme with darkground examination of serum from a chancre or from the skin lesions of secondary infection, in latent or late syphilis, be it acquired or congenital, the diagnosis depends on the finding of antibodies to the infection in the blood.
  9. All the infectious enthusiasm had gone out of his voice and manner.
  10. The blood spot on the nose of the last fish leads me to wonder whether the fish were initially suffering from some infectious agent, such as a bacterial pathogen.
  11. It's not cricket, but it's all hugely enjoyable and Reid's enthusiasm for his favourite vice is infectious.
  12. Both optimism and pessimism are highly infectious so it is possible to affect the mood of an entire group - just as throwing a stone into the water causes ripples to spread far and wide.
  13. It was an infectious disease.

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