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Перевод слова

Перевод: inflame speek inflame

воспламеняться; загораться; вспыхивать; воспламенять; распалять; взволновать; возбуждать; возбудить; взволноваться; возбудиться; вызывать воспаление; воспалять; воспаляться


  1. My final message to Mr Dave Ayres is to be in full receipt of his facts before passing judgement on a fellow canoeist, using sarcastic comments that only inflame what is already a sensitive situation.
  2. The image was used to inflame rather than instruct or reveal truth.
  3. editor of the Eatanswill Independent , a fire-eater and a Buff (Whig), whose opinions so inflame his rival Pott, editor of the Blue (Tory) Eatanswill Gazette , that they eventually come to blows.
  4. In the mid-second century in Phrygia a vehement anti-Gnostic reaction helped to inflame a powerful movement of charismatic prophecy, led by Montanus and two women, Prisca and Maximilla.
  5. His move appeared certain to inflame passions in a country noted for the frequently intemperate attitude of its people towards party politics.
  6. A public fuss about sovereignty, the government reckons, might inflame feelings even more and touch off really ugly incidents, maybe bloodshed, in an area already smarting from the harsher side of unity, collapsing firms and soaring unemployment.
  7. They say that you can make cells reproduce faster if you injure the skin, if you inflame it, slap it, sunburn it or even rub it.
  8. The governments in Tunis, Algiers and Rabat fear that new frustrations will inflame their countries' economic problems.
  9. And if the Soviet leader kept silent in Peking in May, as hundreds of thousands shouted his name during the demonstrations at Tiananmen, he seems the more likely to say nothing which might inflame passions so comparatively close to home.
  10. The gesture never failed to inflame him.
  11. "He is young enough to inflame my son.
  12. There was also concern that a renewed upturn in inflation could inflame wage claims in the forthcoming pay round.
  13. It becomes virtually impossible when your enemy is trying to inflame every atavistic passion in order to defeat you.

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