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Перевод слова

Перевод: initially speek initially

сначала; с самого начала; вначале; первоначально; в начальной стадии


  1. Initially, it may be as much as he can manage to co-operate in changing his pyjamas, a relatively simple task with proper guidance.
  2. The curious fact is, however, that initially he seems to have been opposed to it, and, in altering his position, was largely persuaded by the TUC General Council.
  3. Gerry : Politically speaking, though, there wasn't the same organized pressure over the heterosexism issue, and management couldn't initially see any reasons for our existence.
  4. The news of the Young Pretender's invasion of England had initially been received in London with complacency, which gave way to concern and then serious alarm.
  5. One of the most valuable outcomes of this initially prescriptive and limiting legislation is the opportunity to take a whole school view of curriculum planning and delivery.
  6. The hypertext course involved about seventy students initially, rising to over a hundred this year, so the need for formal mechanisms for managing marking was paramount.
  7. This was initially achieved by taking over existing firms, such as G. K. Dickinson in London and Guy pease in Sydney, and there was much speculation about a possible merger with Egon Zehnder, which came to nothing.
  8. Political correspondents were told initially that the Prime Minister believed his activities to be "unorthodox but in order".
  9. "You said "initially".'
  10. The design problem of which does what is also best thought about initially in system terms.
  11. These initially hair-like fibres seek out and feed off the cellulose in the wood which is digested by the fungus to leave a dry, desiccated and fragile shell of wood-fibre or lignin which, in the absence of the cementitious cellulose, cannot continue to perform any structural role required of the timber.
  12. This has created a vacancy for a full-time post in the Eastern Counties, for one year initially.
  13. Initially he was responsible for continuing the restorations begun by Hicks, including Turnworth Church - entirely rebuilt except for the tower - and St Juliot.

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