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Перевод: insomnia speek insomnia



  1. I was up early next morning with a clanging hangover, and as I sat beside the bed watching Dana sleep, I wrote one of the several poems of that period about insomnia and my vigil over my sleeping friend's form, "The Lonely Insomniac":
  2. Large amounts of strong coffee can cause insomnia and, in extreme cases, palpitations and irregular heartbeats.
  3. Clocks adjusted to the wrong time - "Monday morning blues" and some forms of insomnia
  4. No time for insomnia, backaches, headaches, indigestion or general lethargy.
  5. An even less common form of insomnia is Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome.
  6. It can help in cases of insomnia, high blood pressure, tension and heart conditions - to name but a few.
  7. I was suffering severe and painful withdrawal symptoms, and my mother was alarmed by my fits of weeping, my chronic insomnia, my thinness.
  8. Blue Peter makes NHS insomnia pill Sketch.
  9. On this particular occasion, Anna was suffering from anxiety and insomnia, spotty skin, bloating (her abdomen had swollen alarmingly) and a craving for sweet food - particularly chocolate.
  10. Patients have complained of impotence, skin rashes, dry eyes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue or insomnia, and problems with circulation.
  11. Because sleep is likely to be disturbed and insomnia can considerably worsen a patient's distress, it will often be helpful to prescribe an hypnotic.
  12. Insomnia.
  13. Insomnia is a common complaint in which the sufferer has poor sleep that is often broken many times during the course of the night.

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