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Перевод слова

Перевод: instigate speek instigate

подстрекать; побуждать; провоцировать; раздувать


  1. Labour will also instigate a "positive action programme" for employing women in transport, despite the good reasons why many women feel safer when there is a man in charge.
  2. Instigate a comprehensive review of UK defence policy which will be dictated by a rigorous analysis of defence needs rather than by fixed monetary targets.
  3. It was recently transferred to Gloucestershire and elsewhere in an attempt to instigate an embryo transplant programme.
  4. The therapist's role is to instigate contracts and to encourage their implementation see Chapter 8 of Stuart (1980) for further details of contractual therapy with couples.
  5. Failing this, the Agriculture Departments in the UK should instigate such procedures themselves, calling on NCC to assess all plans and to make their adoption dependent on the fulfilment of nature conservation as well as agricultural objectives as suggested under Article 3 of the proposed Regulation.
  6. If they did not instigate it, the Tsars immensely exaggerated the process of "nationalization" of the subordinate peoples of Russia.
  7. Cannot the British Government instigate action at the United Nations to prevent the Israeli authorities from using television to tell the truth in these matters?
  8. It might also instigate a system of writing up the objective in large letters for all to see.
  9. But despite its claims to instigate a pluralist society, the new constitution places substantial powers in the hands of the Council of National Salvation and is accompanied by the appointment of military personnel to key political positions.
  10. Broadly there are three types of action a voluntary group can instigate:
  11. Perhaps we could instigate a national drive to recycle on a grand scale - from restaurants, BR etc - and sell them as a peat alternative!
  12. To instigate a completely new meaning of the word "god", new basic premises must be established and all the old superstitions and religious privileges abandoned.
  13. The individuals most concerned on these three occasions do not usually instigate them except in the case of the marriage.

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