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Перевод слова

Перевод: integrate speek integrate

целый; полный; составной;
интегрировать; объединять; составлять целое; осуществлять расовую интеграцию; придавать законченный вид; укрупнять


  1. The task is to extract that wisdom from its vast and varied hiding places, and to integrate it into a much simpler rationalised philosophy, which can be accepted by all.
  2. Effective leadership seeks to integrate these three elements so that each is optimised and enhances the other two.
  3. Newer LAN/MAN technologies make it possible to integrate data and voice traffic locally too.
  4. The agreement establishes that Microsoft will integrate France Telecom's Atlas 400 X400 gateway into its electronic mail software and France Telecom will offer Microsoft Mail on a non-exclusive basis as a private messaging option within its Spheris offering.
  5. The research project will employ plume dispersion models in order to model dispersal by wind and will need to integrate this and other environmental data with detailed demographic records.
  6. Our mime is not silent, we integrate movement and text.
  7. It's being used to integrate Ericsson's computer applications: to pass all kinds of data, in batch mode, between computer systems running on various platforms.
  8. Unix System Labs, Santa Cruz Operation Inc and SunSoft will each integrate Wabi into their respective Unix offerings, whilst Toshiba Corp, Fujitsu Ltd, Network Computing Devices Inc, Tadpole Technology plc and Quarterdeck Office Systems have lent their support to the effort.
  9. The remaining options of COLOUR, INTEGRATE and LINK are all specific to the creation and manipulation of stitch patterns which I will be covering in the next article.
  10. However, these outcomes are contingent upon a supportive infrastructure of values, processes and skills which integrate what the school exists to do with appropriate management strategies which are carried out by individuals with relevant skills and personal qualities.
  11. Why is it that so many people who are kind enough to give a home to an abandoned dog, then resent advice on how best to integrate this traumatised pooch into the family?
  12. More than that, the expert systems technology is the only vehicle that can integrate cost effectively different aspects of aircraft maintenance.
  13. It is significant that this same era saw the rise to prominence and widespread influence of several movements within the churches which strove to integrate warm personal commitment with the reaffirmation of the broad pattern of orthodox belief.

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