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Перевод слова

Перевод: intelligence speek intelligence

умственный; разведывательный;
умственные способности; разведка ; рассудок ; ум ; интеллект ; понятливость ; смышленость ; быстрое понимание; св`едения ; информация ; мыслящее существо; интеллигентность


  1. "Our intelligence reports suggest that once the flight from Hawaii is aloft a bomb will explode at Laoag and they will ask for landing rights in Manila.
  2. It is for this reason that the horse reared for the market-place seldom has the charm, intelligence, and friendliness of the horses bred for personal pleasure.
  3. An understanding of "god" which was derived from the timeless story of evolution and life experience, and not from the results of the mindless suppression of the products of developing intelligence, would be a treasure indeed, and the very important first step in the establishing of this "god" is the full acceptance of the premise that no such "god" is already in existence, nor ever has been.
  4. This does not necessarily mean, however, that all Russia's technical achievements are the product of espionage, although Western intelligence would have us believe this.
  5. And - not having a big ego to get in the way - viewing the world and its inhabitants with a penetrating intelligence.
  6. He advocates the instinct, the imagination, the unconsciousness, by means of the intelligence which he esteems so far beneath them.
  7. In Britain there are three main intelligence organisations: Military Intelligence, Department Five (MI5), responsible for counter-intelligence within Britain; Military Intelligence, Department Six (MI6), often referred to as the Secret Intelligence Service, responsible for espionage abroad; and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which is responsible for the security of the British government's own communications and intercepting those of other countries.
  8. In all three studies, the children were selected to be as representative as possible and in each case they were asked to perform exhaustive intelligence tests and behavioural exercises.
  9. The most recent research suggests that children who were breast fed have higher intelligence than those bottle-fed from birth, after allowing for the extra time breast-feeding mothers might spend with their babies or extra effort they might put into mothering.
  10. The German newspaper says that the Army's Intelligence and Security Group in Germany recruited five agents following terrorist attacks against British forces during the late 1970s.
  11. Although British intelligence had shrewd ideas of the launching sites of these abominations they were difficult targets even for the RAF.
  12. And I've always thought it the Report did for foreign and defence policy-making and intelligence what the Crossman and Castle diaries did for economic and domestic policy-making.
  13. THIS is a clearly written, but extremely superficial, introduction to the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

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