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Перевод слова

Перевод: interact speek interact

антракт ;
взаимодействовать; находиться во взаимодействии; действовать; влиять друг на друга


  1. This has the advantage of combining many of the different factors that can interact to cause social and emotional demoralization in older people.
  2. They occur alongside spoken language, interact with it, and produce, together with it, a total system of communication.
  3. Consequently in a static diamond there are no charged atoms to interact with the electric field of infrared radiation.
  4. The human brain is very complex, having ca 10-;12 neurons with ca 10 2 dendrites (connections) per neuron, to interact with other neurons.
  5. Less easy to implement is the suggested "coaching" in social skills, in which the poorly accepted child has specific instruction on how to interact with peers in a positive way.
  6. This information may also influence the way in which other people perceive the child and, consequently, the way in which they interact with the child on an individual basis.
  7. These modifications (which amount mostly to improvements in the quality of pots, switches and plugs) should make a significant difference to the way your wireless system and guitar interact.
  8. At some point it is necessary for someone to provide clear guidelines regarding how others should interact with that child in order to promote learning and developmental changes most effectively.
  9. Significantly the individuals involved here tended to be frequent roostmates - they had every opportunity to interact with one another repeatedly, as is required for an Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma.
  10. These females interact with one another in ways that accord with their matrilineal descent.
  11. Yet the capabilities of mature mammals and birds to fend for themselves, to care for their offspring, and to interact with their own and other species, far surpass those of the 12-month-old baby or the anencephalic with whom they are so frequently bracketed.
  12. Laser light cannot interact directly with the atomic nucleus, but experiments with lasers are revealing details of nuclear size and shape and could help to solve key problems in nuclear physics
  13. It seems obvious that they are relevant but how precisely they interact with present behaviour is unclear.

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