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Перевод слова

Перевод: jar speek jar

неприятный звук; дребезжащий звук; резкий звук; неприятный эффект; сотрясение; дрожание; дребезжание; потрясение; нервное потрясение; шок ; дисгармония ; несогласие; ссора ; вибрация ; банка ; кувшин ; сосуд ; кружка ; кружка пива; содержимое банки; джар ; мера жидкости;
издавать неприятный звук; издавать резкий звук; вызывать дрожание; вызывать дребезжание; сотрясать; встряхивать; дребезжать; дрожать; раздражать; коробить; действовать на нервы; дисгармонировать; не согласовываться; ссориться; сталкиваться; вибрировать; бурить ударным буром


  1. Tea, oatmeal, sugar; a precious jar of goose fat for rubbing into the children's chests should they take bronchitis on the journey.
  2. Weight Watchers from Heinz mayonnaise and salad dressing have all the traditional flavour, but to let you delve into a jar more often we've simply taken out half the fat.
  3. Spaghetti in long, glass jar.
  4. In front of each team at a distance of about two yards, place a mirror, a spoon an empty bottle or jar.
  5. Agnes did not make the mistake now of asking her customer how much he intended to spend on the acid drops; she reached up and took down the jar and, tilting it, tipped some acid drops into the scale; then, putting the glass lid back onto the jar, she returned the whole to the shelf before once again blowing into a small paper bag and depositing the sweets inside.
  6. Dorothea had often wondered about the crumbs, whether they stored them up in some kitchen jar and you got them, months later, coating your fish.
  7. It was an old brown-coloured stone ink jar he had rescued from Mr Corcoran's waste-paper basket.
  8. A few chapters of Music , Mind, and Brain are stimulating and produce the right sort of sparks; but others jar either because they are couched in long-winded jargon, or because they set off with a title and intent, which lead one to expect something new in the way of results, but then degenerate into vague speculations.
  9. "Christ 'ent it bloody 'ot," Billy Tolboys breathed the words as he took his arm from around Mary's waist and expertly swung the heavy stone jar on to his shoulder and took a deep swig.
  10. If six jars of pickle cost 3.18, how much will a single jar cost?
  11. He handed the precious jar to Mary.
  12. But like many articulate and intelligent people, even those trained to search out the hidden structures of literature, even those who have been moved by great art or fascinated by the most remote biographical details from the lives of writers (such as the information that Ibsen on occasion wrote with a scorpion in a jar on his desk), he nonetheless had little or no access to the springs of his own emotions.
  13. If you like, Ned, I'll wash your clothes ere she arrives - there's still one jar of soap.

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