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Перевод слова

Перевод: jaw speek jaw

болтливость ; скучное нравоучение; зажим ; захватка ; захват ; губа ; челюсть буксы ; щечка (тисков) ; плашка ; кулачок ; щека ; зев гаечного ключа ;
говорить; пережевывать одно и то же; читать нравоучение; отчитывать; вести скучный разговор


  1. If this grinding touch is missing, there will be a clear space between the incisors of the upper jaw and those of the lower jaw.
  2. In 1987 the Jaw Commission recommended some radical change and simplification, but this has not yet been adopted.
  3. The bones released from the scats as they decayed were washed down this gully, and this resulted in the separation of two distinct bone assemblages: the one remaining at the top of the hill consisted of about 60 per cent dental and jaw fragments while the one washing down the hill consisted of more than 70 per cent vertebrae.
  4. There were cuts and abrasions to the lips and jaw and also numerous depressed areas to the base of the skull and a massive fracture across the base of the skull.
  5. Dr Clark's jaw put on another yard.
  6. Teeth which are permanent fixtures can evolve complex shapes, fitting precisely with their partners in the opposite jaw, making it possible to chew and slice in a way not open to most reptiles.
  7. Our competition and "opposition" in Moose Jaw was the resident staff writer of the Regina Leader-Post who managed his paper's local bureau.
  8. Elizabeth's jaw sagged; John's clenched rigid.
  9. Early in my journalistic career I learned that one should never use a preposition to end a sentence with - remembering it because it committed the error it condemned; whatever the consequence, I was now fully convinced that Moose Jaw was not a bad place to be from.
  10. Nails looked up, his jaw dropping.
  11. CRAIG WHITEHEAD, a Nottingham City forward, was yesterday banned for eight matches for the elbow tackle which smashed Jason Ramshaw's jaw, nose and cheekbone, and also may face a private prosecution on behalf of the 20-year-old Halifax player.
  12. Does the recent rash of serious accidents affecting people jammed together in small spaces mean that Britain has become the glass jaw, as well as, allegedly, the dirty man of Europe?
  13. It has a pointed head, a medium sized eye, a small mouth with prominent lips, and the upper jaw is slightly longer than the lower.

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