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Перевод слова

Перевод: legality speek legality

законность ; легальность ; приверженность букве закона


  1. Whether the inhibition of news publishing by threat of contempt proceedings constitutes a denial of freedom of speech and whether the use a corporal punishment in schools can constitute a breach of Art.3 (prohibiting torture, etc.) are amongst a host of other matters, such as the legality of the "closed shop", which have fallen for consideration.
  2. His mind seems currently more on organising Hollywood-type weddings, extended holidays and wondering about the legality of the World Cup draw.
  3. The goddess of truth and justice in Egyptian mythology, Maat was the personification of world order and was determined to impose her own exemplary standards of legality upon wayward mortals.
  4. The legality of money market dealings by Hammersmith and Fulham Council in west London, which once amounted to exposure of 5bn is being challenged by its auditor, Anthony Hazell, a partner in Deloitte Haskins and Sells, with the support of the Audit Commission, the local authority financial watchdog.
  5. These included: the power to intervene in labour federations and unions; control over candidates in union elections; provisions governing the legality of strikes and unions; legal distinctions between white- and blue-collar workers which have the effect of dividing workers; and the prohibition of certain groups (often government employees) to form unions.
  6. PANAMA is the latest in a series of rogue regimes, the menacing state of whose internal affairs has led to armed intervention by other countries - and to an unresolved international tangle about the legality of such action.
  7. This is not to say that there is no place for the principle of legality in constitutional matters.
  8. Lord Sankey's attitude indicates that a court of law in the United Kingdom would need weighty evidence before becoming willing to abandon the principle of legality according to the pre-existing constitutional norms, and so it should, so long as uncertainty as to the "realities" prevails.
  9. The existence of a ban on the legality of the Movement makes the position even more difficult in that it is practically impossible to even get a hall in some areas in which to hold a meeting.
  10. The legality of an appeal committee's decision would be open to legal challenge if there was a failure to comply with natural justice - for example, not giving an appellant an adequate opportunity to state his/her case.
  11. The court astonished everybody by deciding that it could not rule on the legality or otherwise of something that had not happened yet.
  12. John Howell, for Anthony Hazell, the district auditor, said on the second day of a hearing into the legality of the council's 6bn deals on the market: "The council sold 49 gilt options on the mistaken belief that it was reducing its exposure.
  13. The fact that discrimination is unintentional has no bearing on its legality or otherwise.

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