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Перевод слова

Перевод: lien speek lien

право наложения ареста на имущество должника; залоговое право; залог


  1. Arbitrage, by confining spot and futures prices to a no-arbitrage band, increases the correlation between these two prices; this has been formally proved by Lien (1992).
  2. It is unlikely, however, that a traveller will bring luggage to the inn, and since the traveller's car and goods contained therein cannot be the subject of a lien, cases where the lien is exercised over the property of a traveller are rare.
  3. A lien over the shares to be restored by the investor could be granted to persons "knowingly concerned" in order to secure their right to be reimbursed by the person primarily liable to repay the investor.
  4. An innkeeper, as we have seen, is under a duty to provide reasonable refreshment if so required and accommodation to a traveller; hence, the innkeeper has a right of lien over a traveller's property as well as over a guests' to ensure that the traveller's bill is duly paid.
  5. One, the friend of the new French Prime Minister, Georges Bidault, had apparently been told that he could not concede the fundamental issue of independence; for the other, who was to succeed Ho on his death, and for the large and varied delegation which came to Paris under the title of the Popular National Front (Lien Viet ) everything, practically, turned on the question of Cochinchina.
  6. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about the operation of a lien, general or special, under English law.
  7. There was no equivalent of the ATB in Norway - the nearest approach seen was at Lien College where there was a low trainee to instructor ratio and a considerable practical input.
  8. An innkeeper has a lien for his charges upon the traveller's goods brought to the inn, and, contrary to the usual rule, has by statute been given a power of sale over such goods.
  9. At Lien College school leavers were participating in a rural skills course which included carpentry, forestry, metal work, building skills and fish farming as well as agriculture.
  10. The alleged right of lien led by the bankrupt's solicitor was repelled: Selkirk v. Coupland (1886) 23 S.L.R. 456.
  11. A common law or possessory lien is the right to retain goods, money, or documents which are in one's possession until payment of some claim due from the owner.
  12. The equitable lien of the vendor of land, who has conveyed the property without receiving payment of the purchase money, is quite independent of possession, and gives a right to have the property sold under an order of the court.
  13. If the situation requires quick action, there being no time to seek higher authority, the receptionist at an inn may detain the guest's luggage (not the guest himself or his vehicle) and exercise the innkeeper's lien over the guest's property until the bill is paid in full.

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