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Перевод слова

Перевод: locomotive speek locomotive

движущий; движущийся; постоянно путешествующий; двигательный; локомотивный;
локомотив ; паровоз ; тепловоз ; электровоз


  1. It is twenty times faster, has a larger memory, is thousands of times more reliable, consumes the power of a light bulb rather than that of a locomotive, occupies 1/30,000 the volume and costs 1/10,000 as much.
  2. A variation known as Mark 3A was produced for locomotive haulage, differing only in having side buffers available when necessary, and centre buck-eye couplers instead of the special couplers on the 125 sets, and electric wiring to suit the different needs of locomotive haulage.
  3. In the mid-1980s this connection showed its value even more when the Centre services the annual Manchester-Southport steam specials from 1985 to 1989, the first steam locomotive to be serviced being appropriately enough, a Black Five, No. 44932.
  4. The locomotive is heading the mid-day train from Kings Cross to Sheffield Victoria at Woodhouse on 15th July 1964.
  5. Longer-term planning forced BR to embark upon life-extension programmes for several locomotive types expected to be needed until well into the 1990s, although they were halted in 1989 before being completed.
  6. He approached the railway locomotive construction company of Kerr Stuart in Stoke-on-Trent.
  7. The STEAM locomotive is about to make a comeback on railways in the US as a way to lesson the dependence of the national transport network on oil.
  8. BR meanwhile accelerated its elimination of older locomotive types redundant through a reduction of trip workings and arrival of new designs.
  9. He was at great pains to comment that "to say that John Bunch (Locomotive Superintendent) has too much power is a travesty".
  10. Similarly, 4414 West Ham residents worked at Tate Lyle's sugar refineries, 4171 (94.5 per cent) of whom lived in Canning Town or Plaistow, while of the 3880 employed at the LNER locomotive works, 3444 (88.8 per cent) lived in Stratford or Forest Gate.
  11. Thus, one standard locomotive design evolved into six specialist types.
  12. "The smithy (No. l9) is a very fine building, 350ft long and 90ft wide, built when the Locomotive Works were at Wolverton.
  13. A PRINT DEPICTING a pair of 229 Squadron Hurricanes flying low over a locomotive pulling passenger carriages to the Ashford to Redhill railway line in the Autumn of 1940 is being auctioned by forms of tender to raise funds for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

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