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Перевод слова

Перевод: lose speek lose

терять; потерять; растерять; обронить; забывать; утерять; утратить; утрачивать; недослышать; не разглядеть; упустить; упускать; не воспользоваться; пропускать; пропустить; опоздать; отставать; проиграть; проигрывать; продуваться; вызывать потерю; лишать; лишаться; стоить; погибнуть; исчезнуть; не существовать больше; пропасть; заблудиться


  1. RETAILERS have an old saying that you will never lose money by underestimating public taste.
  2. While the older cities and regions lose jobs and output, the areas in easy distance of London gain employment, receive the benefits of State investment, and attract better-off people who create jobs for others in both the public and private sectors.
  3. "It would be possible to lose one booking; it's very rare to lose two in one day, and to lose the tape recordings as well would be unheard of," he said.
  4. Why did he always choose to lose his temper over issues in which he was in the wrong?
  5. Similarly, if parents lose a daughter, do they maintain contact with their erstwhile son-in-law if he marries again, or was their contact really only through their daughter?
  6. Those who can't pay, eg because they lose their job, may be allowed to pay less until they get straight.
  7. She believes that women with property or money are especially attractive to men, and that once that advantage has been surrendered, the husband may simply lose interest.
  8. Having rediscovered nationhood, the theory goes, West Germany is bound to lose interest in its postwar surrogate, the EC.
  9. The world championship is the ultimate; any top player to lose at the Crucible can consider it a failure."
  10. And who benefits from treating it as an "I win, you lose" tussle?
  11. Because of debts they are often forced to sell their land and therefore lose the means of livelihood that their family has known and understood over the generations.
  12. He was lucky not to lose the wings altogether!
  13. Plants that manufacture food slowly will respond to full sunshine by wilting as they become hotter and lose water.

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