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Перевод слова

Перевод: loyal speek loyal

верный; преданный; лояльный; верноподданный


  1. To the pleasures of new friendship, Coleridge, on his return to Stowey, added the prospect of meeting again the loyal and longstanding friend of his youth, Charles Lamb.
  2. Agnes noted with alarm that a pink flush was suffusing Dorothy's face, a sure sign of temper, and really, thought her loyal assistant, she had every right to be cross under the circumstances.
  3. If, on the other hand, they had remained loyal to the meetinghouse style they would have still been criticized for not having a style which met the needs of their time.
  4. Party reports - usually more coloured and "loyal" than any other type of report in their avoidance of criticism of the leadership - from all parts of Germany confirmed the "especially dangerous" signs that people were now "daring to express open criticism of the person of the Fhrer and to attack him in hateful and mean fashion".
  5. Despite the planners, people are people and fiercely loyal to their hospitals.
  6. What started out as a loyal band of Kylie watchers has now grown into a legion of Wannabes: teenage girls who spend all their waking hours trying to dress, talk and sing like Kylie.
  7. Goebbels's eulogy of Hitler in an article in Das Reich on 31 December was said to have been well received by "only a few people's comrades and naturally the old loyal fighters".
  8. Our dogs are affectionate, interested, playful, forgiving, loyal, intelligent, spontaneous, creative and much more besides.
  9. I met some now very loyal friends who have seen me through these last three and a half years.
  10. The depopulated territories were given to Charles' loyal vassal, the King of the Abotrites.
  11. But in reporting this highly selective history of Scotland's footballing campaigns Hampden Babylon remains loyal to the great myths of the game, and to the undoubted disgust of the Scottish Football Association, places its faith in the anti-authoritarian players who have come to Scotland's rescue in the past and brightened our mediocrity with a touch of madness.
  12. Even Corman publicity later admitted that The Trip attracted a "small but loyal group of enthusiasts".
  13. Twenty years later he could still recall the event: "I can think about my loyal dog buried in the snow," ( Death Of A Lady's Man ).

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