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Перевод слова

Перевод: mere speek mere

простой; чистый; не более чем; сущий; явный;
озеро; пруд ; водное пространство


  1. Brakspear's employed him, with as much time off as was necessary to run the Club, which was charged a mere 5s. 0s. 0d. per annum for his services.
  2. As Vice Chancellor Knight Bruce explained in Walter v Selfe any inconvenience to amount to a nuisance at law must be "more than fanciful, more than one of mere delicacy or fastidiousness".
  3. A feature is an underground lake known as the Mere.
  4. To know God and yet nothing of our own wretched state breeds pride; to realize our misery and know nothing of God is mere despair; but if we come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ we find our true equilibrium, for there we find both human misery and God.
  5. The widely differing behaviour of EC members has prompted Britain's prime minister, John Major, to say that a common foreign policy must go beyond mere words and extend to action, and that the Community is clearly not yet ready for that.
  6. The original brew has been made in Bohemia since the Middle Ages, the US version for a mere century.
  7. Many people say that it demonstrates Mrs Thatcher's deplorable indifference to the relative importance of a senior Cabinet colleague and a mere half-cock academic adviser.
  8. The turning to an anti-immigrant position by the French FN (Front National) in the late 1970s, the adoption of an anti-foreign-worker stance by the German NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands) after 1979, the basis of the appeal of the Dutch NVU (Nederlandse Volksunie) from 1974, even the turning from mere Flemish nationalism to anti-immigration propaganda by the Belgian VB (Vlaams Blok) in the early 1980s - all these are examples of movements that, sometimes explicitly and self-confessedly, followed the example of the NF in moving to anti-immigrant/anti-foreign worker appeals and away from an exclusive focus on anti-Semitism, anti-communism and the other traditional concerns of postwar European neo-fascism.
  9. While a mere three per cent said budgets would increase a lot, the rest anticipate no change or are still unsure.
  10. And the Sheikh's dominance has been maintained this year as he heads the table with some 1.75m in prize money, half a million ahead of his older brother, Hamdan Al Maktoum, who owns Nashwan, with Sangster languishing in 10th place with a mere 250,000 or so in the kitty.
  11. But the modern behaviourist and functionalist analyses of mind treat mental states as mere powers to produce behaviour: that is, they abolish the intrinsic qualitative content of mental states, replacing it by causal, hence relational, properties.
  12. After all, you are a creative genius and these characters are mere socialites.
  13. Philosophy, at 70 per cent, was significant; but he barely squeezed by in Latin, taking a refusal at his second attempt and attaining a mere "pass" at the repeat stage (thanks, no doubt, to his past opting out, which necessitated his taking Latin from scratch at university).

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